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Hendrix 70

Back in September 2010, I attended an exhibit at the San Francisco Art Exchange (SFAE), titled “Can You See Me?”  The exhibit commemorated Hendrix’ 40th death anniversary – you can read my blog post about it here: “Can You See Me?”  Now, on Nov. 27, 2012, we are marking the 70th birth anniversary of Jimi Hendrix.  To remember Hendrix’ memory, Directors Michael Wadleigh & Bob Smeaton, have given us an opportunity to relive his epic Woodstock performance.  Their new film, Hendrix 70, takes us back to August 1969 and the raw performances of “Foxey Lady,” “Message to Love,” “Hey Joe,” “Spanish Castle Magic,” and “Lover Man.”

If you want to catch a showing of Hendrix 70, make sure to check out listings for your city, here.  The film will only be playing twice, once on November 29 and once on December 4!  Here is a preview to wet your palates.

Eddie Kramer, Hendrix’ photographer and engineer has mixed the soundtrack for the film.  Speaking of Kramer, I actually met him at the SFAE exhibit back in 2010.  I felt like a starry eyed fan, asking for his autograph!  Here is a picture of the postcard from the exhibit that Kramer autographed for me.  Interesting note about this photograph – it’s actually the first photo of a photography project I took part in, called the 100 Days Project.  The goal was to take a picture of something red everyday.  This composition is titled “Excuse me while I kiss the sky” – using a red lips ring and Hendrix’s image in the background and invoking the themes of “Purple Haze.”  For more on my project, visit here: 100 Days Project.  And to get even more into Hendrix fever, be sure to check out Rolling Stone’s feature: Hendrix at 70.


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This entry was posted on November 27, 2012 by in Eddie Kramer, Film, Hendrix 70, Jimi Hendrix, Music, San Francisco Art Exchange.

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