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100 Days Project: Life in Red

Shrooms © Infinitely Curious

The 100 Days Project is a community art project where each person decides on one creative project that they will work on every single day for 100 days.  At the end, each person will have something to show for after 100 days.

Everyone who is participating has different ideas– one person is writing down a childhood memory every morning, another person is making a video diary every day, a movie maker is writing down one character profile every day, so that they have a collection of caricatures to inspire them.  I have chosen the color Red, and have decided to photograph something Red everyday.  It can be things I see in my environment, on people, in food, etc.  It’ll be challenging and exciting for me to create something new and interesting for 100 days!

One of the first people to start this project, a friend of a friend, has just found out she has cancer. This project is a way for her to stay motivated and busy during her long stay in the hospital. What she doesn’t know is that this project has expanded from a few of her friends to a network of people all over world, people she doesn’t even know. We’re all benefiting from this creative community project because of her.

If any of you see this and are interested in joining, send me a message!  Here are a few photos from my ‘Life in Red’ collection.  You can view the rest of the series here: Life in Red.

Excuse me while I kiss the sky © Infinitely Curious

Clay Theater © Infinitely Curious

Hydrant © Infinitely Curious

Stripes © Infinitely Curious

Galeria de la Raza © Infinitely Curious

20,000 Missing Seats © Infinitely Curious

Run, Ed, Run! © Infinitely Curious

New Mission Theater © Infinitely Curious

Bistro Jeanty © Infinitely Curious

Marx, Lenin, & Colonel Sanders © Infinitely Curious

Kathak Yoga © Infinitely Curious

Ghungroo © Infinitely Curious


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