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When American TV, news, and media talks about Iran, Afghanistan, North Korea, now Libya, etc, the most frequently used words include war, invasion, troops, axis of evil, and so on. Words you never hear associated with those countries are culture, food, art, diversity, etc. This round of posts will highlight a couple people that do the latter, so stay tuned!

This isn’t the forum for me to talk about right and wrong in terms of foreign policy and wars, but I will say two quick things:

  • We have to help ourselves before we help others! Look at the hundreds of thousands of Americans without proper food, health care, education, housing, etc. Living in San Francisco and working in health care, I see these people on a daily basis. Speaking of war and veterans, recent figures show that California is home to 26 percent of the nation’s homeless veteran population! That’s about 20,000 homeless veterans.
  • When we do engage in wars and foreign policy, we should also learn to look beyond the turmoil and politics, to appreciate the good that the countries and their people have to offer.

Anyhow, I better get down from my soapbox now. This conversation is laced with several layers of debates that don’t need to be had here.  For now, I’ll move on to sharing some lesser known aspects of these cultures of conflict!


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This entry was posted on March 30, 2011 by in Culture, Shruti's Soapbox.

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