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Muni Bus Interior, Circa 1947, photo by Troy Holden

Another project that I was introduced to through KALW’s Cross Currents show, the Muni Diaries, is a public blog where San Franciscans can post stories from their Muni (SF’s public transportation system) experiences.  If you live in SF, you’re going to ride Muni at one point or other.  And on at least one of these rides, you’ll witness something worthy enough to share with everyone, whether it be disgusting, appalling, touching, or hilarious.

Started by Eugenia Chien and Jeff Hunt just two and half years ago, the Muni Diaries blog has now grown to include not only share-worthy stories, but also photos taken by passengers.  The blog also has a throwback section, featuring old photographs and memorabilia for the Muni Time Capsule.

Below are some snaps from the photo diary that I found particularly interesting.  (And if you want to check out more Muni photos, visit the Flickr site: Muni Pool).  Don’t forget to visit the blog and add your own stories: Muni Diaries!

And they say people aren’t happy on Muni …, photo by jennifer7people

Art Therapy, Muni Edition, by Andy Stattmiller

Back when Fast Passes gave a damn, photo by Cranky Old Mission Guy

Friendly streetcar is friendly, photo by Peter Hansen

Left on the Muni Floor - Valentine From Jesus, photo by smiffleblurf

Neo-Vaudeville on the 38-Geary, photo by Gabriel Wheeler

San Francisco No Pants Subway Ride 2011, photo by spieri sf


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This entry was posted on February 22, 2011 by in Cross Currents, Eugenia Chien, Jeff Hunt, KALW, MUNI, Muni Diaries, Photography, San Francisco.

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