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I live here: SF

Nell - Pacific Heights, photo by Julie Michelle

One of my favorite radio programs is Cross Currents, produced by the Bay Area public radio station, KALW.  Cross Currents presents “context, culture and connection from around the San Francisco Bay Area” and is aired every day at 5:00pm.

Cross Currents recently did a story on Julie Michelle, a local SF based photographer, who has taken shots of nearly 200 San Franciscans and posted their stories online.  She started this project,  I live here: SF, in March 2009, to explore “the city through the visages and stories of the people who participate” in it.  Her photos and stories bring out the “nano-neighborhoods and micro-climates” of San Francisco.  Julie Michelle approaches people all over the city, photographs them, and asks them to write a short essay that’s then attached to the picture.  After the site launch in 2009, several similar websites have popped up across various cities in the U.S.  to view those projects, visit this site: Other I live here projects.  You can also listen to Cross Currents’ original piece here: Meet Your Neighbor: San Francisco’s Living Diary.

It’s really amazing how diverse our small city is!  We have so many personalities, perspectives, and stories packed into each neighborhood.  Not only is Julie a great photographer, but she’s really taken on a project that lets us learn about the people we live amongst.  Everyone operates in their own silos in their lives, and this project really motivates you go out and explore; try the unfamiliar, meet people you wouldn’t normally meet.  I’m definitely inspired to do a little more of that!

Below are some photographs from Julie Michelle’s collection.  Click on the names to read the story behind each photo.  To view Nell’s story from the photo above, click here: Nell – Pacific Heights.

Chloe – MUNI

Chloe – MUNI, photo by Julie Michelle

Mark – North Beach

Mark - North Beach, photo by Julie Michelle

Beth – Chinatown

Beth - Chinatown, photo by Julie Michelle

Stuart – Castro

Stuart - Castro, photo by Julie Michelle

Jose-Luis – Excelsior

Jose-Luis - Excelsior, photo by Julie Michelle

Michelle – The Mission

Michelle - The Mission, photo by Julie Michelle

Mik – Treasure Island

Mik - Treasure Island, photo by Julie Michelle

Gail – Fort Point

Gail - Fort Point, photo by Julie Michelle

Cariwyl – Golden Gate Park

Cariwyl - Golden Gate Park, photo by Julie Michelle

Michael – The Tenderloin

Michael - The Tenderloin, photo by Julie Michelle

Wardell – The Fillmore

Wardell - The Fillmore, photo by Julie Michelle

Emilie – Upper Haight

Emilie - Upper Haight, photo by Julie Michelle

Morgan – The Panhandle

Morgan - The Panhandle, photo by Julie Michelle


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