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Before They Make Me Run

Keith Richards Comes to Town by Ethan Russell, 1972

For their next project, the San Francisco Art Exchange (SFAE) opened a photography exhibit of the Rolling Stones‘ guitarist Keith Richards. on Oct. 23.  The exhibit, “Before They Make Me Run – Portraits of Keith Richards 1963-1972,” coincided with the release of his much anticipated autobiography.  The iconic works are a compilation from various rock photographers, including Gered Mankowitz, Eddie Kramer, Ethan Russell, and Michael Cooper.

I wasn’t able to make it to the opening, but I’m planning on going one of these weekends!  Here are a few shots to look forward to in the exhibit!

Geronimo by Michael Cooper

Hand on Chin by Eddie Kramer, 1967

Keith & Bentley by Gered Mankowitz

Patients Please by Ethan Russell, 1972


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