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The Art of Music

The Rolling Stone recently published a feature entitled ‘The Art of Music,’ that showcased the visual artwork and photography created by legendary musicians such as John Lennon, Paul McCartney, David Bowie, etc.  It is interesting to see a musician’s perspectives and creativity take visual form.  I always wonder if one influences the other..!  Here a few shots from the Rolling Stone feature, but you can view the entire gallery here: Gallery.

Paul McCartney has been interested in art since childhood, but only began painting in the Eighties. He says his style is akin to that of Willem De Kooning. This is “Big Mountain Face,” the painting featured on the cover of his book of collected works.

Train Tracks by Bob Dylan

This John Lennon sketch, seen here in 2004, was one of several to be seized by the police as evidence against the London-based gallery that showed his work (they were slapped with indecency charges) in the Seventies. (Photo by Ian Waldie)

Jerry Garcia’s “Birdland,” completed in 1965, pays homage the jazz musician Charlie Parker.

David Bowie has always had a passion for art, and in 2000 he launched a Web site to promote emerging artists. This work by Bowie, “Portrait of J.O.,” was completed in 1976 around the time he began painting.

When Jackson Pollock was helping abstract expressionism take the world by storm, a young Jim Morrison was making his own artwork inspired by the movement, as seen in this pen drawing done by the future Doors frontman, circa 1954.


2 comments on “The Art of Music

  1. Sumesh Subramanyan
    October 23, 2010

    very good. I like it

  2. wfrench
    April 7, 2011

    take a good look at this picture miniaturized or from a distance. No way he did this at 11 years of age. He had to have been from the heavens

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