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In commemoration of John Lennon’s 70th birthday (which would have been Oct. 9, 2010), filmmaker Michael Epstein is releasing his new creation, a documentary on Lennon’s last years.  The documentary focuses on Lennon’s last decade, which he spent in New York City.  It chronicles his post-Beatles career and how he was reborn and assassinated in the city.  Below is a synopsis of the documentary by the New York Film Festival:

“In 1971, John Lennon arrived in New York City and felt reborn: at last living in the country that had dominated his artistic imagination, Lennon and his new bride Yoko Ono found in the city the perfect blend of music, politics, culture, and lifestyle.

But those heady first years eventually gave way to a dark period in which both Lennon’s musical career and his personal life almost ran aground—until once again New York City came to his rescue. Using remarkable, rarely seen footage and interviews with many who were close to John, filmmaker Michael Epstein has created a moving, revealing portrait of the music legend’s New York years, detailing not only his triumphs but also some hard times over which he so beautifully recovered in the final years of his tragically curtailed life. World Premiere.

Michael Epstein, 2010, USA, 115m”

The film premieres nationally on Monday, November 22 at 9pm on PBS (check local listings).  It was also featured at this year’s (48th annual) New York Film Festival on Sept. 25.


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