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Mad Men Illustrated

Mad Men Illustration by Dyna Moe

Final post before the Sunday premiere.  I recently came across Dyna Moe, a comedian, writer, filmmaker, designer, and freelance illustrator based out of New York City.   I was looking through her work and realized that she had done several vintage Mad Men illustrations!  It all started from a Mad Men Christmas card that she produced for Richard Sommer back during Season 1.  After her work started gaining more popularity, she made a ritual of creating Mad Men illustrations, producing a sketch from each episode.

AMC did an interview with her last year on her inspiration behind the illustrations and her artistic process.  Check it out here: Q&A with Dyna Moe.  Below are some of my favorite illustrations!  View her entire gallery, here on her Flickr Page: Mad Men Illustrated.  And stay tuned for her Season 4 illustrations!

Don’t forget to check out Dyna Moe’s “Mad Men Yourself” feature on AMC’s website to create your own, personalized Mad Men character: Mad Men Yourself


#1.10 Girl Rodeo, Illustration by Dyna Moe

#1.10 Shoot!, Illustration by Dyna Moe

#1.12 Cooler de Menthe, Illustration by Dyna Moe

#2.1 Joan and the Xerox, Illustration by Dyna Moe

#2.3 Insulting the Utzes, Illustration by Dyna Moe

#2.3 Rode Hard and Put Away Sweet, Illustration by Dyna Moe

#2.6 Casting Call, Illustration by Dyna Moe

#2.7 Untitled (Green, Brown, and Orange), Illustration by Dyna Moe

#3.3 C’est Magnifique, Illustration by Dyna Moe

#3.3 Showboatin’, Illustration by Dyna Moe

#3.8 I Grissini Alla Moda, Illustration by Dyna Moe

#3.12 Spectators, Illustration by Dyna Moe

#3.13 One Last Look, Illustration by Dyna Moe


2 comments on “Mad Men Illustrated

  1. Dyna Moe
    July 22, 2010

    Thanks for posting about my set. Glad you enjoyed the pictures. I find it strange you label me “from NYU” when I graduated more than ten years ago, but it’s a nit-pick.

  2. shruti914
    July 22, 2010

    Duly noted and changed! Looking forward to your Season 4 sketches

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