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Mad Men meets Barbie

The Barbie and Ken versions of the “Mad Men” characters are, from left, Joan Holloway, Roger Sterling, Don Draper and Betty Draper

Mad Men Barbies – old news, I know.  But, in keeping with the Mad Men theme for the week, here are the Barbie and Ken versions of the characters!  Mattel came out with the dolls back in March of this year to help promote the Mad Men brand and increase viewership of the show.

The dolls are $74.95 each and come with period specific accessories, like hats, overcoats, pearls and padded undergarments – martini glasses, ashtrays, Lucky Strikes, and Vodka Gimlets not included!  As the NYT pointed out, it’s interesting to note that both Mad Men and Barbie have a “shared history,” because the Mad Men storyline starts in March 1960 and Barbie was first introduced in March 1959!

I’ll be getting the Joan doll as soon as they come back in stock!  You can buy the dolls here: AMC Store.  Check out the four Mad Men dolls below: Betty Draper, Don Draper, Joan Holloway, and Roger Sterling.

Along with her finely crafted floral-print dress, this Betty Draper Doll also includes a compact, brush, and lipstick

Along with his suit, this Don Draper Doll also includes a jacket, hat, and briefcase

Along with her finely crafted dark-purple dress, this Joan Holloway Doll also brings a purse and accessories

Along with his dapper three-piece suit , this Roger Sterling Doll also comes with a polka dot tie, pocket handkerchief, and hat


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This entry was posted on July 20, 2010 by in Barbie, Mad Men, Mattel.

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