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Françoise Nielly

Nielly 2008

Françoise Nielly, is French painter with a very characteristic and astounding style.  Using vividly colored oil paints and a knife, she sculpts large (some as large as 78 x 25 in.) portraits.  I came across her work recently and was really taken aback by her bold expression.  The video below is an interview of Nielly at her studio in South France.  The clip is completely in French -which I, for one, don’t understand a word of – but it’s still amazing to watch her painting process.  Her approach to painting is so curious and seems to be focused on highlights and shadows.  Her perception of light and hues is impeccable!  She looks like she’s icing a cake with her painting knife, throwing bold colors onto the canvas, and before you know it, she’s created a masterpiece.

Here are some of her pieces that I absolutely loved (you can check out the rest of her work here: Gallery):








Nielly 2010

Nielly 2009

Nielly 2009

“Obama” by Nielly 2008

Nielly 2008

Nielly 2007

Nielly 2006

Nielly 2005

Nielly 2004

Nielly 2003

Nielly 2003

Nielly 2002


One comment on “Françoise Nielly

  1. Mrs . Ghadah AlRabee
    December 20, 2011

    i love your painting if i want to studi your way can you give me painting lessons
    pleas i am from saudi arabia

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This entry was posted on June 13, 2010 by in Fine Arts, Francoise Nielly, Painting.

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