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Tender Secrets: Tenderloin Art Walk

Tenderloin Art Walk

The Tenderloin Art Walk will be held this Sunday, June 13 from 10am-4pm, as a part of the City Centered Festival.  Tours will start on the hour every hour from the Gray Area Foundation for the Arts.  The Walk is meant to take San Franciscans on a trip through the Tenderloin neighborhood, exploring art, new media, and community.

One of the stops on the walk will be the Tendorama Window Gallery, that exhibits the Tender Secrets project.  Tender Secrets, is a community art project that asks Tenderloin residents and visitors to answer one question: “What’s your secret?”

Tender Secrets

Tender Secrets
“An interactive experience in collective storytelling and urban confessions from San Francisco’s most {diverse, dirty, evolving, seedy, misunderstood, working class, interesting, thespian, abandoned, Vietnamese, homeless} neighborhood”

Residents and visitors answer this question on a voice mail that is monitored by Tendorama artists.  As messages are received, artists create real time art installations that visualize and interpret the answers.

This project is truly creativity at its best – you can never experience the same secret or interpretation twice.  The installations are changed twice a month and are available for view 24/7.  There is also an audio clip available at the installation so passersby can listen to the original secret that inspired the piece.  The project really demonstrates the diversity of  Tenderloin, exhibiting secrets from “the owner of the Vietnamese sandwich shop, a student and gallery goer, children of a family going to the theater, a recovering addict, [or] you.”


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